Willis Earl Beal goes graphite stop-motion

Time and time again, we have been thinking about what a great era of music videos we are in. Sure, the platform is different, but real artists are getting a chance to collaborate with musicians on really impressive projects. Willis Earl Beal’s “Evening’s Kiss” is getting a lot of attention in our office at the moment, not only because the song is good, but because the artwork was done by Mr Beal. Great stuff.

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Nine on 9: Sesper

SESPER matt revelli brazil sao paulo02 605x922 Nine on 9: Sesper Sesper nine questions Brazil 9 questions

A quick nine questions with one of our favorite artists, and not to mention one of our favorite people, Sao Paulo-based, Sesper. Music, art, collage, video, skateboarding… this guy does it all!

1) Lunchbox or paper bag?
Sesper: I think paper bags, because I can save and use in my art later, and also I don’t remember using a lunchbox when I was at the school. Paper bags or plastic bags are more traditional in Brazil.

2) Best coffee in Sao Paulo?
Sesper: Hard to answer, I don’t like these fancy new coffee shop places serving the best taste… I like espressos that I make at my house or with the Baglione’s and their coffee activities.

3) Did you ever use the Morse Code feature on walkie-talkies as a kid?
Sesper: I don’t remember the Morse Code on walkie-talkies… but my father used to be a fisherman for his whole life so we did some real radio transmissions to talk with him when the ship was far away for like two weeks at least. Sailin.

4) Miller or Budweiser?
Sesper: Buds with Budweiser, gang green “another wasted night style” for sure… but I’m not into drinking anymore, just in really special occasions.

5) Da Vinci or Michelangelo?
Sesper: Pettibon and Pushead no doubt, but i think da Vinci maybe…

SESPER matt revelli brazil sao paulo03 605x931 Nine on 9: Sesper Sesper nine questions Brazil 9 questions

6) Paloma Picasso or Mark Bode?
Sesper: Mark Bode for sure! His style is classic shit!

7) Eames or Antique furniture?
Sesper: Well I don’t pay much attention on the furniture I have at my home with my two kids, ready to destroy everything. I think we go for the cheap shit, a sale season from Eames.

icon cool Nine on 9: Sesper Sesper nine questions Brazil 9 questions Mosques or Cathedrals? What does a better job architecturally?
Sesper: Cathedrals I think does better architecture… but I think my artwork is more into the firestarters burning churches.

9) Tell us about one artist we should all know about?
Sesper: Alot to mention but by the way he combines his artwork with different medias I will say it’s Thomas Spicolli from Sarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also used to live a long time in Sao Paulo… his music project Tilda Flipers and artwork is really amazing using collages, audio and video projections—he deserves a check!

SESPER matt revelli brazil sao paulo01 605x944 Nine on 9: Sesper Sesper nine questions Brazil 9 questions

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Alex Pardee’s Book “Awful / Resilient” Out Now

Just released from the printing press is the newest book from Alex Pardee, “Awful / Resilient.” Open the cover and enter the incredible world of Alex Pardee – inhabited by a disturbing menagerie of misfit monsters and improbable superheroes plucked from the very nightmares of childhood. Available right now at the Upper Playground online store.

“Awful / Resilient” features 250 illustrations in it’s 172 pages and measures 8.5″ x 11″ in hardcover.

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