Journey to the End of the World: Continued Adventures with the Infinite Wanderlust Crew

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I have been to the end of the world and back.

Not to be mistaken for Venice Beach, CA, Venice, Louisiana is the last community down the Mississippi River that is accessible by auto. For this reason, it has been nicknamed “the end of the world.” Driving through Lousiana’s backroads, the scene is speckled with enclaves of petro strongholds, with familiar names including BP, Chevron, and Halliburton. The road itself is nondescript; aside from giant American trucks crawling alongside us and rows upon rows of mobile homes, the landscape was lush with foliage but otherwise uneventful.

The two-hour drive was finally rewarded by an almost untouched estuary complete with wildlife and birds. One can only imagine what it may have looked like after the oil spill, but as far as I can tell it was nature reminding me of her splendor and beauty. A quiet fishing town, the very end of the road led to a dock where fishermen gathered for their daily bids.

After a brief moment with the landscape, the Infinite Wanderlust team and I made our way back towards New Orleans, where, after a brief dinner of a crawdaddy boil and other creole delectables, we journeyed into the night with Houston as our destination. Jason and Saelee came up with a new game, whereby Sherry would need to guess what city she is in upon waking up in the car. Not that hard of a game when you’re traveling through Texas, where there are a handful of cities one may end up in. But if you’re on a road trip where the end of the world is in your itinerary, the game may prove a tad more difficult.

– Arnold Coludy

End of the World, Mississippi Delta

Directory of Businesses

Mississippi Delta

Train tracks, Colorado River in Austin, TX

In Memory Of

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An Infinite Voyage and Everything In Between: A Traveling Art Project from Miami to Los Angeles

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This year at Art Basel Miami Beach, I had the pleasure of running into three traveling friends, Jason Jaworski, Saelee Oh and Sherry Wan. When I met them, the trio were bouncing around in the inflatable houses of Rainbow City, a large, city-block installation by Friends With You. Rainbow City is a magical place with minimal inflatable balloons reminiscent of a fantasy world filled with happy characters. One can see young kids and older folks alike all playing together in an ageless, bubbly world.

I had been in an orgy with Jason years ago and it was good to run into him again. Also, we didn’t realize this at the time, but Saelee and I had gone to Korean Camp together as kids. I’m not Korean; in fact, I’m Australian, but my dad fought in the Korean War and wanted me to be immersed in the culture. So he sent me off to Korea for a summer semester of fan dancing and rice cake making. After a bit of a catch up, they told me about their road trip, which is a traveling art project which will be documented at InfiniteWanderlust. Their concept is to travel while making art, all the while funding their travels with subscriptions to the art work which they’ve created along the way. They invited me to tag along as I was also on the same path of wandering and backpacking around the world. I’ve been to six out of the seven continents and numerous cross country trips, but every trip is a different experience and nothing is more enjoyable than being out on the open road.

Jason and I found our way to Rally’s, while Sherry slept and Saelee exercised. While I’m aware we’re in a city with some of the best cuisine in the world, my Austrailian clock was still ticking on lunchtime. Well aware of a full day’s exploration waiting for us the next day, we somehow ended up driving through the 9th ward with my belly full of fries at five in the morning. The moonless night made the darkness so much thicker, so it was hard to tell what the neighborhood might have looked like, but the houses near Flood Street were simple and small, while some were run down with nearby lots of emptiness and overgrown weeds. I’m guessing that the blocks were more dense with houses five years ago before the flood. I tried to imagine a past when rows of homes were made of fresh brick.

– Arnold Coludy

A three legged dog with red eyes and huge balls that you can't see in this picture.

Some random stranger in New Orleans wearing Upper Playground gear while Sherry fake-poses for a photo.

French Quarters architecture

Would that be buying or selling of gold teeth? $199 DNA tests sound like a bargain to me.

A house in the 9th ward that we saw while driving around at 4 in the morning.

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