Aerial Photos of New York City by Jeffrey Milstein

Columbus Circle

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein captured these stunning aerial shots of New York from a helicopter hovering above the city. The collection includes birds-eye shots of New York City’s most recognizable landmarks, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

Financial District

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-015Times Square

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-012 Washington Square Park

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-002Times Square


jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-008Statue of Liberty

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-014Chrysler Building

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-003Metropolitan Museum

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-004Museum of Natural History

jeffrey-milstein-aerial-photography-new-york-upper-playground-013Times Square


The Dr. Seuss House: A Towering Home in Alaska

towering-house-alaska-dr-seuss-upper-playground 004

Locals in Willow, Alaska refer to this towering building as the “Dr. Seuss House”, as the design very closely resembles structures you may see in Theodor Seuss Geisel’s illustrated storybooks. The building is believed to have been built by the original owner soon after a forest fire, and had a clear view of Denali National Park and Mount McKinley. When the surrounding trees recovered and started to grow, the view was obscured. The owner added a few more stories, and then continued adding floors for about a decade until it reached the 12 story building still standing today.

towering-house-alaska-dr-seuss-upper-playground 003

The building had been abandoned, but now has a new owner who has started renovations. Photographer Jovell Rennie recently visited the ‘Dr. Seuss House’ and captured these images of the tower.

towering-house-alaska-dr-seuss-upper-playground 001

towering-house-alaska-dr-seuss-upper-playground 002

“Fundamentals: Form-ContraForm” by Bekkering Adams Architects at Architecture Biennale di Venezia 2014


As part of the Architecture Biennale di Venezia 2014, ‘Fundamentals: Form-ContraForm‘, is an installation that reflects on the concept and perception of space, time and existence by  Bekkering Adams architects.

The installation Fundamentals: Form-ContraForm explores the experience of mass and its space around it. The installation is designed to provide an experience that is not bound by the physical limitations of a space and  give the illusion of space that is extended beyond its tangibility. To do this they hung a series of 14,000 white spheres that loosely formed a cube of 2,4 x 2,4 meters hanging on a wire grid of 10 x 10 cm.  The cube is optically present in the room, and inside the cube, a cavity is created where visitors can enter. When one is standing inside the cavity, they are surrounded by a cloud of spheres that create the illusion of infinite space.

2-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects 3-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects 4-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects 5-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects 6-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects 7-fundamentals-form-contraform-installation-by-bekkering-adams-architects

all images © JEROEN MUSCH via

Henrique Oliveira’s Transarquitetônica in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Internationally recognized artist, Henrique Oliveira poses a poetic discussion of history of architecture, of shelters and caves of the past by a challenging installation occupying 1600 m² building with strong brand of modern sculpture Niemeyer at MAC USP, Brazil.

The giant snaking columns designed by the architect curve through the space creating caverns, pathways and obstacles for the audience. Transarquitetônica of Henrique Oliveira is not just an installation, but commands itself as a place, a route with multiple possibilities that ends where it began. It is a work of architecture that combines sculpture and painting, offering various stimuli that the visitor gets to go to work.

The exhibition remains until November 30, open to the public on Tuesdays from 10 am to 21 pm and Wednesday through Sunday from 10 to 18 hours. Admission is free so be sure to check it out if you’re in Sao Paulo for the World Cup 2014:

transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira002 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira003 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira004 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira005 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira006



Last weekend to see the Urs Fischer exhibit in Los Angeles!

Urs Fischer Exhibit in Los Angeles is coming to a close next Monday. So if you haven’t had a chance to see the show this will be it’s final weekend:

urs fischer, los angeles, swiss, moca, sculpture, surreal, art la,

“Spread across MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, the first survey in the United States of the Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer weaves together some of his most memorable and iconic sculptural works while creating an unexpected landscape in both venues. Fischer’s world is fluctuating and unpredictable, and the pleasure that we derive from his sculpture and painting is based on our attraction to and simultaneous repulsion by the dreamlike appearances that he constructs. Fischer’s work is characterized by an unending diversity of materials, strategies, concepts, and images. Sculptures are created through an elaborate aluminum casting process, roughly hewn in wood, or cast in wax only to melt away during the run of the exhibition. The artist delights in the possibilities of surface, but even works that suggest his handmade touch turn out to have been produced through a range of digital processes in order to create the oddly surreal appearance of reality gone wrong.” -MOCA

urs fischer, los angeles, swiss, moca, sculpture, surreal, art la,

Henrique Oliveira’s architectural transformations at Palais de Tokyo

Currently installed at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, this gigantic Gordian Knot was constructed by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira also known for his organic transformations of interior and exterior spaces. Titled Baitogogo, the work depicts an architectural grid of columns and support beams that seem to morph into a chaotic tangle of branches or roots. Via the Palais de Tokyo:

Through a kind of architectural anthropomorphism, Henrique Oliveira reveals the building’s structure. At Palais de Tokyo, he plays on the space’s existing and structuring features, prolonging and multiplying pillars in order to endow them with a vegetable and organic dimension, as though the building were coming alive. The artist draws inspiration from medical textbooks, amongst others, and particularly from studies of physical pathologies such as tumors. Through a formal analogy, these outgrowths evoke the outermost layers of the bark of a common tree.

Installation will be in view through September 9th, 2013. Photos by André Morin. (via dark silence in suburbia)

organic forms, tumors, trees, architecture, palais de tokyo, henrique oliveira organic forms, tumors, trees, architecture, palais de tokyo, henrique oliveira organic forms, tumors, trees, architecture, palais de tokyo, henrique oliveira

PAVILION by Gert Wingårdh & Kustaa Saksi

With 1120 stacks of paper, 44000 suspension points and 700000 sheets of A3’s, Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and past UP collaborator, Kustaa Saksi creates an installation titled, PAVILION at the Stockholm Furniture Light Fair.

“I’m fascinated by architecture and antique ceiling paintings in temples all over the world, and the way they’ve attracted people to share their thoughts and ideas. I’ve wanted to create a similar esthetics, mixed with orientalism, art, mathematics, science and psychedelia, by depicting communication as Darwinistic evolution. Constantly on the move and a work in progress, like bacteria and marine animals when they crawled out of the depths of the sea millions of years ago,” says Kustaa SaksiPavilion01


tears and coyotes blood web 605x475 Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

Weirdo has been a NW graffiti artist for over 10 years. He’s done a few of the biggest solo mural projects in the Seattle, and has worked hand in hand with the city to make it a more colorful place. His latest body of work is a series of canvases for the Old Crow Gallery, and really shows his new level of photo realism on a smaller scale. ~Jen Vertz (

What else have you been up to in the last year?
Well, one of the biggest things was going to Art Basel in 2011 this year to paint on a wall with Lords, and my crew OSH PT. It was amazing to experience Basel first hand, and to be out there with everyone was a real fun time. Another big thing was being forced to move last fall, it took too much time out of my schedule.

Art Basel 20111 605x641 Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

Tell me a bit about Art Basel…
It was one of the most intense mural situations I’ve ever been in, with so many people painting at the same time. It was really inspiring, both motivational, and creatively as well. I also hope I get to do it again in 2012, I wouldn’t want to miss it again.

Screen shot 2012 02 27 at 9.18.07 PM Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

What about moving studios?
It’s been different. Things have happened and changed in my life- the art building I used to be a part of is no longer- the state kicked everyone out of the 619 Western Arts Building for an upcoming tunnel project for Seattle, and that’s been a huge influence over the last year. The move took a month, searching for a place took a few months, and I found a good small work space, but for my bigger pieces, I’m actually still looking for a work area. I’ve done a few pieces outside, but it’s not always easy- like the 25′ long mural for Razorfish marketing I just did in December under the highway… so the move changed a lot for me, but I’m still doin’ it.

IN PROGRESS 605x605 Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

What’s coming up for you in the future?
After the “Sweeping of Giants” show at the Old Crow in Oakland, I have a solo show in May at the Vermillion Gallery in Seattle that I’m really excited about. I’ll be doing a 40′ long mural installation in the gallery, it’s going to be really fucking big! In between those shows in April, I’ll be headed to Nashville to paint a mural on the outside of the AIA’s [American Institute of Architecture] residence of the year for 2011, which is a great honor to be able to put artwork on the outside of someone else’s artwork! What a trip…! Next week I will have a coffin in the “Boxes of Death” show by Electric Coffin that will be headed on a tour down the West Coast… I’ve been busy lately!

Dark Matter 605x598 Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

How are you handling the busy schedule?
Working close to my home really helps, my studio is just downstairs from my apartment. Not taking too many projects at once, but picking the right ones and knowing when to say no. You say yes to what sounds interesting and challenging, and no to what isn’t going to push you as an artist. I thrive on being challenged. If it’s new or big or scary- anything like that I always say yes. And it’s taken many years to figure some of this out. Doing work out of WA state keeps me on a very strict deadline, which I like a lot. You have to finish by your flight out… The pressure is what I work well under.

Any big goals for the next year?
Mainly for 2012 is to become more nationally recognized for my art, and doing more fine art based mural projects rather than commercial ones. As always working on my technical skills to become stronger with realism and to master my tools. And I’m still a free agent, but soon I want to be represented by a gallery. I’ve had a few offers, just not the right ones.

Sweeping of Giants 605x806 Weirdo weirdo old crow tattoo and gallery oakland

You can catch up with Weirdo at the “Sweeping of Giants” show at the Old Crow Gallery in Oakland on March 10th from 6-10, or from the 9th through the 11th he will be painting live at the UC Berkley Campus on a mural project near the Anthropology Department. Catch up with him for more details.

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Want to live in a dream…

tumblr lyo97rxuK21qeyoxr Want to live in a dream... perfection architecture

Don’t know who, what, where, when, and if there is even a how, but this is one of those photos that makes you feel good about humans and their ability to create. Everything about this building is flawless; space, shape, height, and curves. Breathtaking.

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