New Releases: Estevan Oriol x Upper Playground Capsule Collection, Part 1

One of the leading contemporary street, fashion, and documentary photographers to emerge in the past decade, not to mention a dear friend of the Upper Playground Family, Estevan Oriol has kicked off the Spring 2012 season with a new Capsule Collection with Upper Playground. Featuring a new series of graphics mixed with his iconic photography of LA Women, the Capsule Collection will feature 15 tee-shirts from the legendary photographer. Buy them now in our webstore.

Tomer Hanuka T-Shirt Set

The vivid imagery of Tomer Hanuka has graced the covers and pages of countless graphic novels, magazines and books, and the awards that have followed his work have been rightfully plentiful. And the reason why is because of his ability to create intense visual narratives through his use of color and imagery. For this collection he has hand picked two images that embody those aspects of his work, “Birds” and “Pie Axe” to be placed onto apparel. The “Pie Axe” image will also be featured as the cover of the upcoming vividly colorful Tomer Hanuka book “Overkill” which Upper Playground will be releasing in September 2011.

The two Tomer Hanuka tees are available exclusively at Upper Playground retail locations and online at the Upper Playground online store.

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Thais Beltrame T-Shirt Collection

Ahead of her upcoming group show in São Paulo, we’re releasing a collection of tees from the ‘Famiglia Baglione’ art collective member, Thais Beltrame. Utilizing her intricate line-strokes and sparse coloring, Beltrame always manages to induce wistful emotions with her work.  Although it is her first foray into apparel, this collection is no different, and she offers two pieces  (Bird L and Mother’s Backyard) that are “both related to collective childhood memories, its peculiarities and the feelings attached to them.” Check out the Thais Beltrame interview on The Citrus Report for a further look at her.

Both tees are available in men’s and women’s sizing, check them out here.

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New Tees by MQ

MQ (also known as MQUE or MQIZM) has relentlessly painted walls in countless cities for nearly 30 years, and although his signature block letters have maintained an unheard of consistency for that time frame, the body of his work has evolved and changed with the times and has repeatedly amazed with its relentless profiency.

This new three t-shirt collection Upper Playground is releasing showcases MQ’s current style. The Retro Tee features a front pocket with a printed retro-inspired font-style on the pocket. The Mailbox Tee is navy blue and features MQ’s signature hand-style printed across the front. The Uno T-shirt puts the multi-layered combination of stickers and reflective vinyl that has dominated his artwork into apparel form.

All three t-shirts are available at the Upper Playground online store and at all Upper Playground retail locations.

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Estevan Oriol x Dustin Canalin T-Shirt Collection

Dustin-Canalin-Estevan-Oriol-Upper-PLayground-T-shirt Collection

Upper Playground is releasing a collection of three t-shirts collaboratively designed by Estevan Oriol and UNDRCRWN’s, Dustin Canalin.

The collection was born from the idea that Dustin’s style could bring a unique perspective to Estevan’s legendary photography – and the three tees execute this idea flawlessly.  The designs takes the idea of ‘collaboration’ to a place that’s not often seen, with both artists styles and artwork pushed to the forefront of the design in equal parts.   Says Dustin on the project, “The images were already iconic to him, so I didn’t want to take away from what was already there, I just wanted to enhance the images in my own way. This was special because there was an opportunity for two artists to come together and create a design that we were both proud of. ”

The Army, Throne and Camo T-Shirts all feature a printed Upper Playground x Dustin Canalin x Estevan Oriol logo on the left sleeve and are available exclusively at our online store and at all our locations.

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