Alex Pardee’s “CHADAM” now online

Posted from The Citrus Report

You may know that Alex Pardee and Zerofriends have been working with Warner Bros. Television for two years on the project of an animated series called ‘CHADAM,’ but guess what? It’s finally done.  Culminated. Complete.  In the word’s of Alex quoting the crazed Dr. Frankenstein, “IT’S ALIVEEE, IT’S ALLLLIVVVEEE, IT’S ALIIIIIIVVVVVVEEE!”

As you’d expect from the combination of Alex Pardee and animation, it’s really really cool. Really cool. The graphics and animation are stellar and the creatures and world that Alex has created are something more than the word ‘original’ describes.  The series chronicles the character Chadam as he awakens in Cardboard City  because a dark force has taken over Vulture Island.  Right now there’s five pieces of the series released with the following five to be released on June 20th.  Check out Alex Pardee’s Chadam here, the first part of the series is below.

Posted By The Citrus Report