‘ANIMAL’ by Borondo at RexRomae Gallery Feb. 5th – 26th

On February 5th, Spanish artist and muralist Gonzalo Borondo will unveil his most ambitious show to date titled,  ‘ANIMAL’ at RexRomae Gallery, London.

Curated by Rom Levy and Charlotte Dutoit, ‘ANIMAL’  aims to explore “the conflict between our innate animal instincts and our present lives, which are coated with the dependence of technology and our fear for the unknown.” -RR


“The biggest part of my work [is to] try to reflect our dramatic nature. I use the universal body-language to show the issues of the human condition.” – Borondo

With this in mind, the artist will present eight thematic spaces that include video installations and painting animations in collaboration with Carmen Maín (Spain), and sculpture installations, created together with Edoardo Tresoldi (Italy) and Despina Charitonidi (Germany). A limited edition signed screen-print entitled “Fake Paradise” will be released during the opening night.

Some work in progress photos from the artist studio:

Borondo_Animal_Preview_Picture_By_Julii_2 Borondo_Animal_Artwork2 Borondo_Animal_Artwork Borondo_Animal_Artwork_Glass Borondo_Studio_Glass Borondo_Animal_Studio2 Borondo_Animal_Studio  Borondo_Animal_Preview_Picture_By_Julii Borondo_Animal_Preview_Picture_By_Julii_22

RexRomae  Gallery
Opening: 5th February 6PM
Location: Londonewcastle Project Space, Shoreditch (London).

Gaddafi can’t get along with Libyans, but we got dolphins saving dogs stuck in canals

When in doubt, leave it to the dolphins. When a dog had been stuck in a canal for over 15 hours in Marco Island, Florida, it wasn’t people that saved the dog, it was dolphins who splashed and splashed until it got someone’s attention. As the dog’s owner told local news, “‘The lady here who had gotten him out of the canal said, ‘No, the dolphins were with him’.” Wow.

Fucking dolphins saved a dog’s life. And Gaddafi can’t even get along with his own Libyan people? What we can learn from the Animal Kingdom.

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Las Evas.

tomorrow at 7:30 pm is the opening of my exhibition Evas. at Sala Cero of Galeria Animal.
for the last 3 months i have being dreaming of this day, and this afternoun i spend a couple of hours at the Gallery finishing some final things for tomorrow and the place looks great.
last night i got back from Paris after almost two weeks of hard work at Foundation Cartier painting my part for the group show “Ne Dans la Rue”
and damn Paris is amazing!!
i meet Seen! and Jon one! … it was so great, anyways i will post about it after the opening , im tired and tomorrow early i have to get back to Animal for a final check on the show.

if in Santiago come and see the others Evas.

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