El Mac in Puerto Rico for Los Muros Hablan 2014

Famed American master muralist, El Mac attended  ‘Los Muros Hablan’ 2014  along with SAN, Agostino Iacurci, PUN 18, Alexis Díaz and Vero Rivera in December.  The festival which took place in Puerto Rico hosted El Mac who began a gigantic mural eleven stories high towering over the city.  Here are some work in progress photos through various sources  including El Mac’s IG @mac_arte and the festival @losmuroshablan.  Finished mural photos will post soon. Aerial shots are credited to @skyretinapr.

EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-04EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-02 EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-01

Agostino Iacurci

1 panorama agostino iacurcib 605x387 Agostino Iacurci rome roma muralist italy European Street Art Agostino Iacurci

With bright, multi-layered layered characters, Agostino Iacurci is bringing something great to the neighborhoods he has painted murals in recently.  He has been making interesting illustrations for years while he studied fine art and with a background in graffiti and painting outdoors, it only makes sense to see such amazing murals from him. His whimsical characters seem to tell a story with their gestures alone and they connect through the artists attention to the local surroundings.  On paper or on a five story facade, I am definitely excited to follow Agostino’s work in the coming years. —Ronnie Wrest / The Citrus Report

Where are you from and where are you now?

I’m from Foggia, in the South of Italy, but now I’m based in Rome where I have lived for 6 years.

It must be amazing to live in a place with such a rich artistic history.  Do you find inspiration everywhere you go?

Of course. Rome is beautiful and very inspiring, but my main inspiration is every day life, so I find sources of inspiration wherever I go.

My native city, for example, is very poor in art, beauty and cultural activities, but for me it has been an huge source of inspiration.

2 2b agostino iacurci civitavecchia 605x907 Agostino Iacurci rome roma muralist italy European Street Art Agostino Iacurci

You have only been painting outdoors for a few years? What turned you on to this type of work?

Actually, I started painting graffiti in 1998, when I was 12 years old. I’ve done several pieces, writing letters for a long time, but at a point I realized that “style writing” was unfulfilling for me. Then I moved to Rome to study Fine Art and illustration, and there I’ve done research about my style. At the same time I started seeing lot of huge murals in several cities from all over the world by Blu, Os Gemeos, Run and few other artists. I was very impressed by this “new way of making graffiti” and it gave me again the desire of painting outdoor.

ad1 Agostino Iacurci rome roma muralist italy European Street Art Agostino Iacurci

In terms of the change in audience, and the interactions with people that live near your work,  can you describe some of the experiences you have had working outdoors?

Painting outdoors is an amazing experience. It’s very interesting and funny to collect different feedbacks about your work in real time. Especially because I have always tried to make works closely connected to the place and the location. Because of the easiness of images I draw, every type of person, from kids to adults, feel invited to express their opinions and personal readings. The main strength of making art outdoor is the chance to establish a dialogue with a vast number of persons.

agostino iacurci asl 1 605x453 Agostino Iacurci rome roma muralist italy European Street Art Agostino Iacurci