Zerofriends x Aesop Rock Fundraising Print Release

As we all know, our good friend Aesop Rock just released an amazing new LP, Skelethon, and is currently on tour. Well, shit went wrong during the second show. We will let Alex Pardee take it from here:

On July 15, hours before his 2nd show of the tour at the Fillmore in SF, someone broke into Aesop’s tour van and stole all vital stage gear, forcing Aesop to cancel the show.  It took thousands of dollars to quickly replace all the audio/visual equipment they needed to be able to continue the tour to avoid cancellation. 

In order to help recoup anything we can to compensate for the stolen and replaced equipment while they are on the road, we here at ZEROFRIENDS got together and I designed a limited edition ‘Skelethon’ giclee print to be released THIS FRIDAY AT NOON PACIFIC TIME.

The limited print is an edition of 125 and measures 16″ x 20″. It will be signed by BOTH AESOP AND MYSELF and sold exclusively via ZEROFRIENDS starting Friday Aug 3 at noon pacific time.

Cost is $50 each

All proceeds to Aesop to help him cover his costs. Thank you all for your support.

Jeremy Fish x Upper Playground “Listen & Learn” App

Jeremy Fish and Upper Playground have teamed up to create a new app to bring Fish’s groundbreaking “Listen and Learn” exhibition to your iPad and iPhone.

This past summer at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC, Jeremy Fish created an interactive exhibition, Listen and Learn,  featuring 30 paintings based on stories told my some of Fish’s closest friends and inspirational talents. Each painting was accompanied with headphones to allow visitors to listen to the audio recordings while viewing Jeremy’s visual interpretation of the story on the wall. Fish gathered Snoop Dogg, Aesop Rock, Mike Giant, Lance Mountain, El-P, Ron English, Ricky Powell, and many others to get some of their most inspiring stories on record.

As not all of Fish’s closest fans made it out to the exhibition, we have collaborated on the “Listen and Learn” app, bringing the interactive experience to your iPad and iPhone and bring new life to Fish’s “story paintings” and most experimental gallery show to date. The app comes bundled with 30 images of Fish’s paintings and 1.5 hours of audio stories that accompanied and inspired each piece. The “Listen and Learn” app also comes with a handful of videos and gallery of images from Fish’s exhibition.

Pick up the APP here.

Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz) “Smock” (Live From The Burgundy Camry)

The new hip-hop supergroup is Hail Mary Mallon, containing Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz. And when they get in the Burgundy Camry, they do live performances. This is of “Smock,” their newest single. According to Rolling Stone magazine, “The group – named after the notorious early-twentieth-century disease-spreading cook known as Typhoid Mary.” Yummy.

A. Tarrant and Justin Metros on the direction, with a guest appearance by Alex Pardee and some Rico Deniro masks.

Dirty Ghosts “Shout It in” (Aesop Rock Remix)

regs Dirty Ghosts Shout It in (Aesop Rock Remix) shout it in remix dirty ghosts allyson baker Aesop Rock

We are very much into the Dirty Ghosts, and Aesop Rock, and that Dirty Ghosts’ Allyson Baker happens to be married to Aesop is just an added bonus for liking both artists. Aesop just remixed the Ghost’s “Shout It In” and it’s definitely one of our early highlights of 2011.

Listen here, because we can’t figure out how to embed this.

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