The Best Place to be on Judgement Day?

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Oh, we actually don’t know. We wanted to know if you knew? Because when God’s wrath strikes down upon us, all in the name of ratings for Family Radio (a good read of the Bible kids), we want to know, where should we go? The Giants vs A’s game? Six Flags? Coffee shop? Gay Pride parade? Art Fair? …

Some blog in Denver has at least figured out your soundtrack. Blondie’s “Rapture” is a great call.

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Pleasure = SPARC: The Apple Store of Marijuana Shops

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We actually don’t even like marijuana thaaaaat much, but damn, if we can all buy our weed at SPARC, then the world would be a better, cleaner, more reggae sort of place. The San Francisco Patient and Resource Center has a nice modern look to it, and it sells weed like you are buying an iPod or iPad. Mission Street at its finest.

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SFPark does the Radiohead: Paying based on real value

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Yes, pay what you feel is the worth of a parking spot, in San Francisco. Its called “demand-responsive pricing.” Basically, according to the SFPark site, “All parking spaces in SFpark areas will be priced based on their real value as determined by drivers themselves.” We actually don’t know where this is being implemented, or really what the hell we just read, we just like the words “demand-responsive pricing.” Sounds very 2010.

The whole idea is “SFpark is pioneering the world’s most advanced parking management system. It uses sensors, new meters, and real-time parking data to take the guesswork out of parking in the City.” Seems like they don’t want you circle for a spot.

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