Thom Yorke says: “It’s not who you steal from, it’s how you steal”

thom yorke 1 Thom Yorke says: It’s not who you steal from, it’s how you steal Thom Yorke steal Radiohead experimental bloom

Thom Yorke gets all John Lennon on us. In talking about how the new album, The King of Limbs, came together, he gave a very honest answer about imitating and stealing. He told NPR’s Guy Raz, “We’re not trying to be experimental or anything. When I first started doing demo’s on my own, I was quite a good imitator. I see it in my daughter, she’s the same. You’re constantly learning from other music and then there’s that Lennon thing about it, ‘It’s not who you steal from, it’s how you steal.’ I’m constantly absorbing other music and that’s what stimulates me the most. And to have the ability within our group with Nigel to move around in all these different areas.”

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And this is how to play experimental music live…

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