El Mac for No Doubt

El Mac just completed a project with No Doubt, which just upped our respect for the old school Orange County band. Mac notes on his blog that Gwen Stefani and her husband have been collecting his work, again, upped the respect game. This image above will be the album cover. Nice one Mac. He completed four separate acrylic wood panel portraits… Push and Shove is due September 18, 2012.

Alex Pardee Spring 2012 Capsule Collection

Today we announce our brand new Capsule Collection for the Spring Season with Alex Pardee, the fine artist of all things grotesque and wonderfully zombified… with a touch of gruesome. Pardee has collaborated with Upper Playground for years, and this season, he has given us a grouping of new graphics with odes to pop-culture and a reworking of our classic Walrus logo.

So Alex, what were you thinking for this Spring collection?

“I love making sandwiches. The freedom to experiment with ingredients always allows me to create new flavors that I’ve never had before. Working with Upper Playground on this new capsule collection was the art equivalent of being the chef at some weird deli. Upper Playground knows what’s good, but they always encourage me to to take what’s good and play with those ingredients to create new colors, designs, flavors and jokes that I may not have tried before. And because of this freedom, I can draw whatever I want. And if that includes drawing a feminine wizard, decapitating Robocop or even making a public service announcement for irresponsible kids, then so be it.”

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David Choe x Howard Stern, today

As we mentioned yesterday, our good friend David Choe is on the Howard Stern radio show (get a subscription, just do it now, its cheap and worth it) and he decided to give Mr. Stern a little gift. Um, there are going to be some people who are going to want that Choe for Stern piece in the near future. Stay tuned for more…

David Choe on Howard Stern, Tuesday, February 7

Some people have dreams of fame and fortune, and others want to sit next to Baba Booey and a short man with bugged out teeth named Beetlejuice. David Choe is living his dream. Tomorrow, Tuesday February 7, 2012, David Choe will be in NYC making an experience on the Howard Stern radio show, discussing all things Facebook, art, gambling, porn, and perhaps Dave will get naked. If Howard asks, of course. Stay tuned at UpperPlayground.com for an entire week of news of David’s week in NYC, as well as information on his drumming position in South African musical group, Die Antwoord.

For a copy of the documentary, “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe,” buy it in our webstore.

David Choe and Sean Parker at Facebook in 2005 (Excerpt from “Dirty Hands”)

From Harry Kim’s Dirty Hands, a moment from 2005 when David Choe originally painted the Facebook offices, with Sean Parker checking in on Dave’s progress. As you know, Dave returned in 2012 to paint the newest Facebook offices, and things have changed just a little, tiny bit.

For media inquiries contact Harry Kim at dirtyhandsmovie.com.
Excerpt from Dirty Hands directed by Harry Kim.
Clip features David Choe and Sean Parker. Entire film available on itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/dirty-hands/id451598452 and on dvd here http://shop.upperplayground.com/p/DAVID-CHOE-DIRTY-HANDS-DVD/FY25111FL#view=d…

David Choe gets cover of VICE

Nice one Dave. You probably know that our good friend Mr Choe had the “Thumbs Up” series on Vbs.tv, so we should have expected a nice (and this is nice) cover for VICE Magazine at some point. Looking good.

As Dave mentions… “2012 ENTER THE DRAGON!!!! let’s start this shit right! i just got my advance copy of VICE for january, i did my version of ,”year of the dragon” for the cover, you can’t see it so good in this picture, but thats metallic blue printed over super bright orange/pink we brought back some of that 90’s comic book frenzy shit. thisll be hitting streets in a week, i’ll post the alternate color cover, for the cities that didn’t want to spring for the metallics..”

We have a bunch of David Choe apparel in our webstore for you to buy.