First and Final Friday: James Blake “CMYK”

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c38be4636cAKE LP.jpg First and Final Friday: James Blake “CMYK” track the moment The Citrus Report postpone past param name james blake first and final friday direction blake 2010

We go in the direction of James Blake’s 2010 EP “CMYK” today, because, we really like everything that James Blake has been doing for the past 12+ months. It just all sounds a little different than everybody else at the moment, part soul, part electronica, part drum n’ bass, part DJ, part hip-hop, part pop. Everything, super solid.

The “CMYK” EP begins with the track of the same name, and ends with “Postpone.”

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Print is not dead

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b375ce14d6ure 30.png Print is not dead the published publishing world publishing published our dedicated News mcsweeneys may even good news publishing culture citrus report bought 751 2010

McSweeney’s has some good news about the publishing world. And despite what you may think of our dedicated service to The Citrus Report and our online community, we LOVE published things. We may even have a bit of a personal investment in the published world still. We’ve said too much, read the good news: Americans bought 751,729,000 books in 2010.

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First and Final Friday: Sleigh Bells “Treats”

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7477a91067treats.jpg First and Final Friday: Sleigh Bells “Treats” treats album treats the brilliant The Citrus Report sleigh bells sleigh opening tracks headlines closer citrus brilliant 2010

We don’t go to far into vintage land for this one, as we just go to 2010 for Sleigh Bells’ Treats album. This one came out of nowhere gave us the brilliant opening tracks in “Tell’Em” and the closer, “Treats.” Loud, distorted, and poppy, Sleigh Bells gave us one of our favorite albums of 2010. Enjoy.

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Barry McGee “TRANSFER” video

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4dea565138mcgee2.jpg Barry McGee “TRANSFER” video video transfer Sao Paulo paula ternura param name julho 2010 headlines evening Barry McGee barry artista antonio 2010

A nice little Barry McGee video to brighten your day, or your evening. This was filmed when Barry went down to Sao Paulo this past summer for the Transfer show.

Barry McGee – TRANSFER SP Brasil from Antonio de Paula Ternura on Vimeo.

Montagem da mostra TRANSFER no Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, Ibirapuera.
18/19 julho 2010
Artista: Barry McGee
Video: Antonio de Paula Ternura
Musica: Nelo Johann

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2010, every day in news

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ff7798c49505x272.png 2010, every day in news year the year the way the end the calendar stories of the year news of the year in numbers in news guardian culture citrus report citrus calendar 2010

If you want a real comprehensive look at the year that was, a day-by-day is the way to go. The Guardian is really good at doing that, creating a guide at the end of the calendar that truly captures the year that was.

What happened on January 1st? What happened on July 25? Its all here.

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Weakness Wedneday: James Blake “I Only Know (What I Know Now)”

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63de086aad05x333.jpg Weakness Wedneday: James Blake “I Only Know (What I Know Now)” year The Citrus Report single sample mid 90 param name james blake headlines citrus report been some 2010

This has been one of our favorite tracks of the year, and the whole of James Blake’s releases have been some of our stand-outs. We just feel like this song can grow and grow with you, with nothing in this man’s looks could you tell he likes to sample mid-90’s R&B, and he sings like he was born with soul.

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2010 World Series Recap

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058f1db057giants.jpg 2010 World Series Recap top 10 start referring san francisco giants list Giants Features edgar renteria citrus report art 2010

Here is a list of 10 Things one does when their home team, in this case the San Francisco Giants, win their first World Series since 1954, aka, their first title since you have been born.

10) You forget it ever happened, not because you want to, but because of the habit of the Giants losing in the last few days of the season, and not winning for 56 years, and never winning in SF. Like Matt Cain getting run support, you are just too surprised out of habit.

9) You have dreams of Tim Lincecum on a white horse, saving you from a burning house, and its the hair that does this for you.

8 You think about drinking, but a beer seems so insufficient after watching Edgar Renteria win your heart over with a soul enlightening home-run off Cliff Lee. Alcohol makes you forget, you don’t want to forget.

7) You start discussing both Aubrey Huff’s and Juan Uribe’s contract extension with the lady taking your cash at the grocery store. While in Los Angeles.

6) You start taking beer showers, because Cody Ross looked like he was having fun taking one.

5) You start referring to everything you do alone as “The Machine.”

4) You begin to wonder how much it would cost to have Jon Miller introduce you before walking into any office, room, or car. You ask Jon to do your name with Spanish accents.

3) You could actually name your kid Buster. Or Freddy.

2) You want to buy your wife a cow, just like Madison Bumgarner.

1) Panda hats don’t bother you as much.

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