ARYZ in Vilnius, Lithuania finishes gigantic mural titled Kaip Nežmogus

Barcelona based artist, ARYZ just finished his new gargantuan mural in Lithuania titled, ‘kaip nežmogus’ . Without a clear plan, Aryz set out to paint this gigantic three story building, relying on his whims and instincts alone.


He remarked on his Instagram about this process:

“Sometimes while you are working on a piece you already know it’s not going to be great, but you have to finish it.  I started working on this wall with no sketch of what it was going to be… and I think I learned the lesson”  He goes on to explain the title ” ‘kaip nežmogus’ refers to a writing that was done on the same wall some months ago, which means ‘as nonhuman'” – Aryz

Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-001 Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-002 Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-003 Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-004 Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-005  Aryz-vilnius-streetart-henrikhaven-upperplayground-007

Mural made possible by Vilnius Street Art Festival.  First photo of complete mural via ARYZ. All other photos herein copyright Henrik Haven.