I have the best friends and fans in the whole world, I love my fucking fans so much, thank you for all your love and support, you made my dick so hard and my heart so heavy this last Friday night . All haters can suck my dick covered in harry’s pink eye tears, I keep stacking that paper and now I’m on to the next one! The adventure continues! Bay Area, My love/hate romantic love affair with you continues! Thanks to all the gays and lesbians for buttfucking the shit out of my show with a bumpy strap on, I love you gays! I’m riding this shit out till the very end of the road, I ain’t getting off this ride and I’m not waiting in line, cuz I love this fucking ride and I love that you all are down for this motherfucking ride with me, you could’ve been anywhere that night but you all rode shotgun with me ! In these interesting and shitty times thanks for lifting my spirits and my pocketbook, I was just informed my show has completely sold out! Thank you thank you thank you, 213-310-323-424-818-626-714-949- and 909 I’m fucking cumming for you next with a vengeance!!! (Photos by andrew wong, peabe, lee root, chris lee, and jrml)

The most asked question at my opening was, when’s dirty hands coming out on dvd? A question I don’t have the answer to,, ask this fucker! His presence was definitely missed in the bay, and harry’s not giving you the stink eye, he just got the pink eye, feel better fucker

ignored prayers closeup

a cold magical rain free night in February

lee root and crew

dropping sidewalk advice on the art school kids

james jean, petra,barron,emily, and jason

lynzy, N8 vandyke, jeremy fish, and fuckface

scott and mr. hahn

the bros

being a dick to my fans

the wonder twins

My mentor barron storey with Korean soul brother number one david choong lee

Some may have noticed my gratuitous or even obscene amount of red paint used in my latest body of work, I was fucking angry and I wanted to paint the town red, what can I say , thank god I have painting as an outlet.
One night I was watching a late night movie from my motel room (Home sweet home , yoshi disapproves of my light bulb color choice in the bathroom)

A clint eastwood flick High plains drifter came on where they paint the entire town red and rename their town lago to HELL,

The same night I was getting donuts at 2 am and I saw this sign outside the donut shop and asked if they had any of the leftover paint which I bought off them

And later that week I found a giant can of red paint for 90% off you can see it in the corner by mickey avalon’s left foot. theres over 20 different shades of red used in the character assassination paintings, these are just some of the stories

dutch crunch

cunt crusher

Pat getting saint christopher on his arm from mister cartoon, plus a mr.cartoon illustration for hustler from way back in the day, look for a collab with toons coming this year.

rosie getting down with the syndrome

50k and a priceless homecooked meal from momma choe

what an asshole

lord vader

dissappearing act, trying to get lost…….fail

megan rolling just sent me this photo of her, posing in the white house with my original obama hope painting!

joey in yermo

made a cool grand off the stupidest underdog bets on the superbowl ,,,,fucking blue gatorade!!! hater’s like “hov why you still talkin money shit?” 
……….cuz I like money, bitch”

And to end this lovefest I’ll leave you with a quote from a few years ago, from….myself

“I’ve totally turned into this fat typical depressed neurotic self loathing art fag. But I can remember being hungry. I can remember the first time getting a rejection letter from a magazine getting rejected from a gallery. The anger and the fire that, that rejection created inside me like I was fucking nothing, like I didn’t matter. I was so angry then I wanted to destroy everything that made people feel safe, I wanted to terrorize America I wanted to throw the first rock and start a revolution, anarchy and riots all the way people would listen to me, but then I sold my first expensive painting and bought a car , and everything changed. People like Hitler and Charles Manson real monsters, yet human, how did they become like this? Rejection, Hitler’s paintings were rejected everywhere, and Manson’s songwriting skills were laughed at. With all that hate and anger I funneled into my art, what kind of monster would I have been now, if not for success?”
– David Choe