Why weren’t we invited to Uncle Gorby’s 80th Birthday?

80th Birthday Gala for Mi 001 605x403 Why werent we invited to Uncle Gorbys 80th Birthday?  royal albert hall paul anka mikhail gorbachev kevin spacey goldie hawn arnold 8oth birthday

If Paul Anka and Goldie Hawn are allowed to go to Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday gala at Royal Albert Hall in London, why can’t the Citrus Report? If Sharon Stone gets to attend the last leader of the Soviet Union’s B-day, how B minus can the list get? Sure Kevin Spacey shows up because he lives in London for all the theater shit, and Arnold S Governor goes because he is Soviet in some weird way. All we are saying is we are B list on the WWW web, we should go.

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