The London Guardian on golf’s fallen hero

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The London Guardian’s Gary Younge wrote a really great piece on the fallen idol that was Tiger Woods. It spans his first push onto the international stage by winning the Masters at age 21, to his ascent as a multiracial hero, to becoming the greatest golfer ever, to world icon, to sex scandal tragedy, to the questions that remain of his legacy now.

A good excerpt, regarding the aftermath of his sex issues…

Instead these transgressions were not understood as the tarnishing of racial purity but the contamination of a commercial brand. Those called to the podium to claim ownership or express distance were not the likes of Jesse Jackson, but Accenture and Nike – his sponsors. It was a brand, as James Surowiecki argued in the New Yorker as the story was breaking in December 2009, that was built on “the embodiment of bourgeois virtues: dedication, hard work, single-mindedness”

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