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This Saturday, FIFTY24SF Gallery will unveil a new installation and exhibition by Morelia, Mexico based artist, Rico Deniro. The artist exhibited in January 2011 at FIFTY24SF with an entire gallery full of wooden masks, created under Deniro’s art direction in Oaxaca by master wood craftsmen. For that show, Rico presented the craftsmen, that live outside of technologically based civilizations in the rural villages of Mexico, with images of first-world pop culture icons and employed them with one task: to interpret those icons in a traditional Mexican wooden mask.

For his newest exhibition, Escoliosis, Deniro expands upon the past body of work of wood masks, but now has gone on to include more elaborate wood sculptures of pop-culture icons. Deniro will also include more site-specific paintings and gallery mural to accompany the show’s wood sculptures.

FIFTY24SF Gallery will open the show on Saturday, May 26, 2012, but no specific opening event will occur.

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