Rare Shepard Fairey prints at JetSetGraffiti

Rare Shepard Fairey prints at JetSetGraffiti” posted from: The Citrus Report | Art, Culture, News, Graffiti, Music, Street Art, Clothing, Politics, Reviews

Maybe its our age, but there is something about looking at an original Obey poster, just the Giant himself, and it takes you back. We miss this image. JetSetGraffiti.com has some older and rare Fairey prints up at their site right now, including this beauty for $4,000. If we had the cash, we may be on this one.

From JetSetGraffiti on this piece above.

Title: Obey ‘95 (Gallery Edition)
Size: 30″ x 42″
Description: This is a unique monoprint of the iconic Obey Giant Icon Face from 2005. The true collectors will understand the historical significance and the rarity of this print. There will never be another Icon like it… The floral stencil overlay creates an even more subtly subversive effect. This print is signed and comes with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and printer. From 2005.

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