Obama, “The View,” what’s to say…

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“We shouldn’t be campaigning all the time,” President Obama told the “The View” a few days ago. Really? What the fuck does going on “The View” mean then? Your ass better be campaigning on “The View,” because that is why anyone goes on that goddamn show, is to campaign to simpletons. Please, campaign away, we need Obama campaign magic.

The world has come to this: you HAVE to campaign on shows like “The View,” where housewives glue themselves to the TV chatter after the kids have gone to school or summer soccer camp. They get the coffee brewing, sit down, and listen to one smart lady (Barbara Walters in the house) and a couple of not smart people talk about things that are current. We do give them this… it does talk about current news and events, but do we need 4-5 women who make 7 figures to talk about their perceived ideas of normal shit? “The View” is a really good campaign stop,  so Obama, given this, we hope that was a campaign stop for you. “The View” is one of the last TV shows that people talk about.

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