New Release: David Choe Poster Series

As you probably know by now, David Choe is kind of famous. That is sort of fun for us, because we remember the Baskin Robbins’ days. We are very excited today to announce a David Choe x Upper Playground special open-edition print release, featuring 4 classic Choe works. “Bangs“, “Choebot“, “Soulscraper“, and “Swamp Virus.”

Each print is 18″ x 24″, open edition, and $9.95.

Here is how David Choe describes it:

“I realize my art has gotten quite unaffordable over the years, and those not in the print game, don’t have the time to hunt down limited editon rare hard to find whatevers, I will now have something for you! I appreciate all the love and support from all of you who care about me and my work over the years that have afforded me the luxury to create whatever I want without HAVING to suck dick in dark alleyways, now me WANTING to do that, is a whole other story. I will be making posters and prints that are open edition and affordable for all my non-billionaire friends.”