At Fecal Face Dot Gallery this Friday night… “West, Wester, Westest Part 2″

8319af55ededcoat.jpg At Fecal Face Dot Gallery this Friday night… “West, Wester, Westest Part 2″ travis christian rogelio gamez nyc melissa oresky Lower Haight lower from the great flash Fecal Face Dot Gallery Fecal Face david leggett citrus report art

Our new neighbors, Fecal Face, have their first show at their new space in the Lower Haight, West, Wester, Westest Part 2, featuring curation by Ryan Travis Christian. The show will be Chicago-themed, well, almost Chicago-themed as one artist is from NYC (Ted Gahl, whose work is above) and one is from Oakland, Rogelio Gamez. But the rest are from the great city of Chicago.

Here is what Ryan Travis Christian had to say: “In the second iteration of West, Wester, Westest, I’ve once again chosen a selection of emerging and mid-career artists that A) don’t regularly exhibit in SF, if at all. and B) create work that “throws a wrench” so to speak, into what FFDG regularly shows. As a long time fan of Fecal Face, I’m honored to have such an immense platform to expose these artist to the world on. In terms of style and/or concept, these artists produce works that are very forward thinking and often experimental, throughout various mediums. The works exhibited, will run the gamut of content, from grossly disturbing to humorous, to bold and beautiful abstraction and then back again. Please join us @ FFDG’s new location in the Lower-Haight (248 Fillmore @Haight) on March 11th for the opening reception of West, Wester, Westest Part 2, I will be in attendance.” -Ryan Travis Christian

Very excited t0 have Fecal Face Dot Gallery on the block. Good shows and good art ahead.

Artists in the show:

Carl Baratta (Chicago)

Timothy Bergstrom (Chicago)

Samantha Bittman (Chicago)

Ted Gahl (NYC)

Rogelio Gamez (Oakland)

David Leggett (Chicago)

Shona Macdonald (Chicago)

Rachel Niffenegger (Chicago)

Paul Nudd (Chicago)

Marcie Oakes (Chicago)

Melissa Oresky (Chicago)

Tyson Reeder (Chicago)

Kate Ruggeri (Chicago)

Deb Sokolow (Chicago)

Scott Wolniak (Chicago)

From The Citrus Report