“KYKKELIKY” by Gabriel Dubois @ Stolenspace in London next week

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We are just learning a little more about Gabriel Dubois, but we like what we see, and his KYKKELIKY
show next week at Stolenspace in London will be a good one to check out. The Canadian painter does a good job with abstraction as far as we can tell, and we like the color palette. Feels classic, if not classical.

As Stolenspace explains, “In this recent selection of paintings his distinct visual language of energised signifiers and symbols are delivered with delicately articulated lines that wrap, weave and totem themselves through and around colour-coded compositions emitting a fresh momentum. These synthesized seeds are fertilized amongst bright bursts of expression & delicately assembled collage which are planted by chance & grow autonomously through a constructive/ deconstructive process. finally they are fabricated & refined in an accurate mechanical order.”

Heady. Like it. Here is one of his street pieces:

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