‘Ahn-Nyung | Hello’ An Introduction to Korean Contemporary Art

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Opening January 22nd at LeBasseProjects. From their press release: ”

‘Ahn-Nyung | Hello’ is an exhibition of multimedia works by four Korean artists exploring theconceptual and visual currents igniting the Korean contemporary art scene today. CuratorJae Yang mines the vanguard of South Korea’s dynamic gallery scene to deliver the Americanaudience an unprecedented survey of works that are as effusive in their naivete as they are expansivein their aesthetic achievement.

As a whole, ‘Ahn-Nyung | Hello’ uncovers a culture in transition in which memories are mutable, synthesis abuts tradition, and experience is subject to a regimenof creative re-envisioning.

Featured artists include Hyung Kwan Kim, Seok Kim, Yeonju Sung, and Jin Young Yu.

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