El Mac’s New Mural and Aerosol Art Show in Mesa, AZ

Miles “El Mac” MacGregor was commissioned to paint a two story mural at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona in honor of the museum’s 10th anniversary.
photo credit: Lynn TrimbleEl Mac’s second mural in Arizona is devoted to longtime friends, Karen and Ariel Bracamonte who are expecting their first child May 11th. Mac will be their son’s godfather. The expected birth of the child comes two days before the May 13th opening of his show also featured at the museum,
“EL MAC: Aerosol Exalted.”
The 35 foot mural portrays Karen Bracamonte looking down upon a red rose held between her hands. The artwork surrounding the top portion of Karen’s head was painted by local Mesa tattoo and graffiti artist, Mando Rascon. In standard El Mac fashion, the mural is more than just a beautiful image of a woman, it represents the deeper layers of humanity found in Karen, who immigrated from Guatemala 10 years ago, and in recurring issues of immigration in the US, and Arizona in particular. “I painted an image of an immigrant who’s participating here and adopting aspects of American culture,” says El Mac.  Staying true to his roots, in 2015, Mac traveled to Cambodia with artist, David Choe’s foundation “Igloo Hong” where his mural of a local seamstress who hand makes traditional Cambodian tapestries, caused controversy and immediate removal by the Cambodian government. Though the mural was painted over quickly afterwards, the image and symbolism made an impact on Cambodian citizens demanding the freedom of artistic expression.
The portraits of Aerosol Exalted stay true to Mac’s intention and unique graffiti style of providing a voice to people and places often silenced or ignored. The show inside the museum, Aerosol Exalted, features the artist’s latest body of work that originated at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in 2015. 

EL MAC: Aerosol Exalted

“It’s all about love. And Phoenix needs all the love it can get.”

New Mural by El Mac in Phnom Penh Cambodia


New mural by El Mac was just completed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The work celebrates a local artisan who lives in the building where the mural was painted.  In El Mac’s signature style, the artist portrayed a woman who hand makes traditional Cambodian Tapestries. El Mac in his ongoing pursuit of giving people without voices a voice, celebrates with this mural her dedication to her community and preservation of the Cambodian culture.  Public Art of this nature is a rarity in the capital city and the wall was made possible by the Igloo Hong Project underwritten by the David Young Choe Foundation.

upper playground, mural  el-mac-mural-cambodia-igloo-hong-03el-mac-mural-cambodia-igloo-hong-02 el-mac-mural-cambodia-igloo-hong-04

Checkout the work in progress video:

El Mac Completes New Mural at Northeastern University in Boston

Los Angeles-based artist El Mac took his first trip to Boston to complete a mural at Northeastern University, as a signature piece of the university’s Public Art Initiative. The large-scale mural is based on a photo El Mac took of his wife. It is meant to celebrate the intersection of arts and sciences at Northeastern, as part of the university’s ongoing effort to enhance the campus.

The image features a woman with long braids, wearing a toga. A bolt of lightning extends from the fingers on right hand, while she grasps a paintbrush in her left hand. El Mac described her as a “Greek Muse”.

The mural at Northeastern University is particularly significant to El Mac because his father attended Northeastern and his mother grew up in Boston. This was the LA-based artist first visit to the city.



New Mural by El Mac, Kofie, Nuke and SKILL with AISE in Los Angeles

A new mural by El Mac, Kofie and Nuke went up in LA yesterday, along side SKILL UTI who also worked on a second wall preserving DASH 2000’s work with AISE.  The UTI Crew‘s wall which has a portrait of an older  woman of Navajo descent (marked by her turquoise necklace) now looms over the Arts District in Los Angeles between Traction and E. 4th Street on S. Hewitt.

photo by Jy-Ah Minphoto by Jy-Ah Min

SONY DSCphoto by Jy-Ah Min photo by Jy-Ah Min  SONY DSC photo by Jy-Ah Min  photo by Jy-Ah Min

Photo credit: Jy-Ah Min for Upper Playground

New Collab work in progress by El Mac, Kofie and Nuke

New mural going up in Los Angeles by El Mac, Kofie, and Nuke of the UTI Crew. Tucked away in the developing Arts District, the new mural spans several stories high and portrays an elderly woman of Navajo descent.  The beautiful portrait of ‘abuela’ is still in progress. More photos to come of the finished mural.  Stay tuned.




El Mac in Puerto Rico for Los Muros Hablan 2014

Famed American master muralist, El Mac attended  ‘Los Muros Hablan’ 2014  along with SAN, Agostino Iacurci, PUN 18, Alexis Díaz and Vero Rivera in December.  The festival which took place in Puerto Rico hosted El Mac who began a gigantic mural eleven stories high towering over the city.  Here are some work in progress photos through various sources  including El Mac’s IG @mac_arte and the festival @losmuroshablan.  Finished mural photos will post soon. Aerial shots are credited to @skyretinapr.

EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-04EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-02 EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-01

New El Mac, Stare and Kwest Mural in Toronto

Renown muralist El Mac recently made his mark in Toronto, completing his first mural in the city.  Commissioned by Eventscape Inc, the mural was completed in collaboration with Montreal artist STARE and KWEST from Toronto, located at Eventscape Inc, 4 Bestobell Rd, Toronto, ON.

elmac-toronto-kwest-stare-001 elmac-toronto-kwest-stare-002

ElMac: “This is a new mural I just painted in Toronto titled “To the Future”. The background was painted byKWEST of Toronto and STARE of Montreal, two of the most talented and respected graffiti artists in Canada, it was a pleasure to work with them on this. I’ve painted in Montreal a few times over the years, but this is my first mural for Toronto, so I was excited to explore the city a bit and paint there. The image is an homage to one of my favorite artists, Alex Colville, referencing his iconic 1965 painting, “To Prince Edward Island”. Colville, who passed away last year, was one of Canada’s best artists. I’ve been a fan of Colville’s work since I first saw it as a kid, and felt it would be appropriate to paint this mural in Toronto, the city of his birth. His work often elevated and mythologized the commonplace, something I strive for in my own art. He also put a great deal of time and subtlety into his paintings, an aesthetic I share, which is at odds with our modern culture of increasing speed and decreasing attention spans. Describing his painting process, Colville said:

“It’s a very unspectacular business, laborious, as I think it is with writers too. Every day you do a little bit and you hope it’ll all come into focus.”

elmac-toronto-kwest-stare-003 elmac-toronto-kwest-stare-004 elmac-toronto-kwest-stare-005

Photos via eventscape.net