Top 10 Celebrity Costumes for Halloween

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A lot of people are going to be celebrities this Halloween, and a lot of them are going to be either Life Aquatic characters (its really old now, but you will see that guy in a red beanie) or Snooki. Maybe a Michael Jackson or Heidi Montag, too. Its going to be that kind of night. Justin Bieber will be big, too.

We at The Citrus Report want to stir it up a little, make it so the celebrity you pick will not be replicated at your Halloween Party. So, please, come with us on a journey of Halloween Celebrity Costume proportions. —The Citrus Report staff

1) Eddie Money w/cocaine rage

2) Tom Henke

3) Ben Affleck and Jen Garner

4) Chubby Checker, this era, these clothes, this hair

5) Lilith from “Cheers”

6) A cross between John Lithgow and Meryl Streep could be good if the man played the woman and the woman played the man

7) Group costume, The Fugees

8) Tom Hulce from “Amadeus”

9) Buster

10) The Judds, either/or, both, together forever.

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Even if you don’t like fashion, Thom Browne in astronaut costumes is a good way to announce a line

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Thom Browne is polarizing. Some like his shirts and suits, some think its way too overpriced and ridiculously cut to fit about 4 people in the world. We are somewhere in the middle. We like his shirts a lot, like the odd fit, but we will not pay the cost to be the boss. Give us a sale, we are on it. But full-price, $400 shirts? Nah, we pass.

But Thom Browne does a really cool fashion show. Take this past week at the Paris Fashion Show to showcase the Spring/Summer 2011 line. Astronauts. Vintage style. Couldn’t see anyone actually wearing the suits, but the way it was presented was cool.

Hypebeast on the photos.

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Retrospective of Björk at Museum of Modern Art, New York Opens March 8th, 2015


Icelandic musician, Björk will open a full career retrospective show at Museum of Modern Art, New York on March 8th, 2015.  The retrospective titled, Björk is dedicated to the multifaceted work of the singer, composer, and musician, illuminating her contributions to performance art, recordings, film, costumes, instruments and visuals throughout her expansive 20 year career.

The full-scale exhibition produced in collaboration with MoMA’s Chief Curator at Large, Klaus Biesenbach and Björk, will bring together a chronology of sounds, installations, objects, videos and all that contributes to the experience of what she creates through and around her music. The exhibition guided by a narrative co-written by the artist and Icelandic writer Sjón Sigurdsson, will begin with the release of Björk’s first mature solo album, Debut, in 1993, and move through her career chronologically up to her most recent album release in 2015, including her new video and music installation commissioned especially for the Museum, Black Lake (which also appears on her new album, Vulnicura).

The highly anticipated retrospective show will open March 8th and run until June 7th 2015.

Watch Black Lake and visit her website at

‘La Doncella Ponzoñosa’ by Brie Martín López with SANER characters that come to Life

Upper Playground artist, Edgar ‘Saner’ Flores collaborated  with famed Argentine writer, Brie Martín López for ”La Doncella Ponzoñosa’ to design all the  fantastical characters for the show. The story line embedded with characters facing existential questions about life from a series of dilemmas, test and uncertainties are amplified by the impressive costumes and masks designed by SANER.

The theatrical show marks a unique opportunity for fans of SANER to see characters come to life.  The show premiered in April and is on going until June 29th, 2014.

Location: Teatro Julio Castillo: Centro Cultural del Bosque, Paseo de la Reforma y Campo Marte, Col. Chapultepec-Polanco Del. Miguel Hidalgo.

Saner-theater-mexico001 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Saner-theater-mexico003 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Saner-theater-mexico005 Saner-theater-mexico006 Saner-theater-mexico007 Saner-theater-mexico008 Saner-theater-mexico009 Saner-theater-mexico010 Saner-theater-mexico011 Saner-theater-mexico012 Saner-theater-mexico013

Tim Burton at LACMA

Tim Burton Romeo and Juliet 605x482 Tim Burton at LACMA tim burton retrospective MoMA lacma

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is bringing the goods from MoMA in NYC with the Tim Burton retrospective. After the show in NYC was one of the best draws in the history of the MoMA, the LACMA decided Los Angeles may be a good place for a Hollywood outsider/legend/insider to be honored.


“On view at LACMA from May 29 through October 31, 2011, the exhibition brings together over 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera, including art from a number of unrealized and little-known personal projects. Many of these objects come from the artist’s own archive, as well as from studio archives and private collections of Burton’s collaborators.”

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Harry Potter: The Exhibition

05potter articleLarge Harry Potter: The Exhibition  the exhibition harry potter Emma Watson discovery times square daniel radcliffe

One day, when Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are counting their millions, they can look back on the Discovery Times Square exhibit, titled ever so simply, “Harry Potter: The Exhibition.” As the NY Times notes, “14,000-square-foot display of movie sets, costumes and props would come at the end, where Potterphiles can line up to purchase $44.99 replicas of Albus Dumbledore’s magic wand or $49.99 replicas of Gryffindor’s school tie, as they prepare, perhaps, to go in style to see the saga’s final film this summer.”

This author has never seen a Harry Potter film, never read a Potter book, but knows very well about Emma Watson getting her haircut and studying at university in American. Ignorance is sometimes not bliss.

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