Artist Jim Denevan Works With Nature To Create Large Scale Land Art


Based in Santa Cruz, California, Jim Denevan has been working with nature as a medium to temporarily install beautiful geometric patterns upon landscapes. In search of exotic and unpopulated landscapes, his works are usually outside of California. His unexpected and stunning drawings on sand, earth, and ice are formed by geometric circles lines and patterns mimicking nature.  The works are often done in fragile terrain, eventually erased by waves and weather.  It’s temporal nature and sheer size which can be seen from outer space are quite impressive:

Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-01 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-02 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-03 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-04 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-07 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-08 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-09 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-10 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-11 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-12 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-15 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-17 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-18 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-19 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-20 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-21 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-22 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-23 Jim-Denevan-landscape-Art-24 jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow jim denevan on ice and snow




by Ariadna Zierold

If you are around Stockholm, don’t miss the group show called ‘Selfie’ at Gallery Steinsland Berliner. Opened August 21 ends September. 12.

selfie, escif, jason jagel, exhibition, the citrus report, upper playground

Participating artists include Jason Jägel, Cleon Peterson, Ryan Travis Christian, Alex Lukas, Geoff McFetridge, Jeroen Erosie, Øivin Horvei, HuskMitNavn, Escif and Lisa Jonasson.

selfie, escif, jason jagel, exhibition, the citrus report, upper playground

Mars-1 Unveils Gigantic Sculptures at Burning Man 2015


Artist Mars-1 has been working on a large scale replica of his psychedelic metal sculptures he released through his shows, Toward a Distant Dawn and Momentum in 2014.  Since then he’s released various versions of the original sculptures as cold metal casted miniature sets.  But this time he has decided to go all out in scale.  He’s been dropping hints on his IG account giving a sneak preview of what they will look like at this year’s Burning Man 2015.

If you’re at the festival be sure to seek out his striking installations Mars-1-Sculptures-Burning-Man-04Mars-1-Sculptures-Burning-Man-02 Mars-1-Sculptures-Burning-Man-03

Finally installed:


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Giant Red Ball Installation goes Rogue in Toledo Ohio

Kurt Perschke is an artist who works in sculpture, video, collage and public space. His most acclaimed work, RedBall Project, is a traveling public art project that has taken place around the world and received a National Award from Americans for the Arts Public Art Network.


However the giant red ball installation recently made news for a different reason when it escaped in Ohio for a stroll around the neighborhood.  Loosened by powerful winds the 250lb ball tumbled down the street as people were chasing after it.

No damages occurred to the cars or people it had contact with but the ball it self was slightly damaged.  The repaired ball is now back in place in its original installation spot tied down by rope.



by Ariadna Zierold

Disappearing Acts will take its thematic basis on ideas of human agency disappearing through the processes of history, ecology, and technology. Organised as a large-scale group exhibition in the Jern & Bygg premises in Svolvær, Disappearing Acts will feature works by 24 artists, including 11 new commissions. These commissions include work that addresses the context of the Lofoten Islands, its histories of environmental dependency and retreat—such as Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen’s work, produced during his one-month stay on the remote island of Lillemolla outside Svolvær; and Roderick Hietbrink’s sculptures that will be submerged into the sea for a period of three months before being presented in the exhibition.

dennis mcnulty, exhibition, the citrus report, upper playground

Other artist commissions include Anna Ådahl, Sam Basu, Jason Dodge, Hedwig Houben, Dennis McNulty, Katja Novitskova, Émilie Pitoiset, John Russell, and Jon Benjamin Tallerås.

Artist Dennis McNulty, who participated in a group exhibition at Fifty24SF in 2002, re-engages the colors, shapes, and layouts of early 1980s men’s magazine design, zeroing in on the genre’s own re-engagement of the pinup icons of the 1940s and 1950s. Mindful of the broader definitions of “pervert” as both noun and verb, McNulty distorts the quasi-underground tradition of pinup art, presenting it not as nostalgia or historical quotation, but as a subjective, personal aesthetic interpretation. The results are provocative, infused with a disquieting sexual force that is by turns amusing and unsettling.

The exhibition is open from 28 August–27 September 2015.


by Ariadna Zierold

The Australian artist LUSH, is also part of the line-up for Dismaland.

lush, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

He has “two things outside and three inside” according to this interview by Acclaim Mag.

lush, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

Unfortunately the UK borders agency refused him permission to attend this event in person, despite numerous attempts, so he remains at home in Australia, but mailed over some canvases and a seaside photo-board.

lush, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground lush, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground lush, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

If you want to see more works by him check out his previous show with live performance and installation at our FIFTY24SF Gallery.



by Ariadna Zierold

The extremely talented Valencian artist, Escif, with his arresting black-and-white-and-minimal vignettes depicting strange and thoughtful scenes, has revealed new pieces at Weston-Super-Mare.

escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

The paintings are deceptively simple yet inspired and often incorporate repetitive elements drawn from his personal symbology, which oddly enough may elicit an equally strong response from the viewer.

escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground escif, mural, weston super mare, dismaland, banksy, the citrus report, upper playground

All images via the artist’s webpage.


by Ariadna Zierold

Artist Hush has released a new multiple print, after 3 months of work, “Trial & Errors”, that will be available on August 28 at onethirty3.

hush, art, artist, the citrus report, upper playground

Inspired by detritus, uses futuristic silvers and blacks clothed in a chaotic collage of colour to create a sensual blizzard of femininity, power and loss. This multiple print is a hand painted, 15 layer screenprint with UV gloss varnish on Somerset Satin handmade cotton paper.



The London art dealer Steve Lazarides plans to open a very different kind of fair at the end of next April. The former representative of the street artist Banksy is due to build a temporary funfair on a ten-acre site next to the O2 arena in southeast London.

steve lazarides, fairground, art, citrus report, upper playground, london

The functioning fairground, which will be designed by artists,  will include a wall of death, carousel, shooting ranges, music acts and gourmet street food, but it will also act as “one big performance piece”, Lazarides says. There will also be an over-18 section for adults.

Around 20 artists, musicians and performers are due to participate including the Parisian photographer JR, Robert Del Naja of the music group Massive Attack and the DJ and producer James Lavelle, who is co-organising the show with Lazarides. “I wanted to include people who have pushed the boundaries of culture,” Lazarides says.

JR is due to create a giant snow globe; while the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (who goes by the name of Vhils) plans to carve a face into the ground that will double as a maze.

Tickets will cost around £15 and the fairground has a maximum capacity of 5,000. None of the works will be for sale, according to Lazarides, who says that he hopes to recoup costs via ticket sales. There are also plans to send a core element of the fair on a tour around the world, possibly starting in the Middle East.

Knight Dragon, the company that is developing the Greenwich Peninsula where the fair will be installed, and the events and festivals firm Vision Nine are supporting the project, which is expected to cost in the region of £1m.

Inspired by traditional British fairgrounds such as Bartholomew’s Fair, which was established in London in the 12th century, this is Lazarides’s most ambitious project to date. The dealer previously transformed the Old Vic Tunnels into immersive installations during Frieze week in October. “The fairground idea has been 25 years in the planning,” Lazarides says. “It’s time to bring some fun to town.

via The Art Newspaper.

Metal Sculptures of Lenny Prince Made of Car Mufflers


Just as it states on his website, ‘Lenny’s Creations‘, Lenny Prince is indeed a “Muffler Man Into Heavy Metal”.  For the last 4 years, Lenny has been steadily churning out some incredible metal creations of all sizes reshaped and welded into elaborate super heroes, knights and warriors to name a few.  He even veers into his own version of the ‘King of Pop’ and other curious innovations showing off his welding and metal skills into an art form.


As an auto mechanic with his love for muscle cars, Lenny has been working with scrap metal from cars for years and he decided to start building them into his own original life-sized sculptures less than 5 years ago.  His personal passion project quickly grew into a decently sized collection which led him to open a museum in Stanten Island that showcases his impressive works.


Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-02 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-03 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-04 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-05 Lenny-Prince-Muffler-Metal-Sculptures-07

Photos via New York Times